Financial Markets

BMC Markets provides you a  seamless view of the market.  This gives you the confidence to take advantage of trading opportunities and or minimise risk and comply with internal and external governance and regulatory requirements.


For Brokers (Market Participants)

BMC Markets provide fully managed and supported trade solutions and services in all global securities markets venue across equities, futures, foreign exchange and government bonds, all made available in real time through our licensed FIX based IRESS (Pro, Trader, Investor and IPS) solutions.  


In Zimbabwe, we provide the first truly managed and hosted electronic trading, portfolio management and market data services for the Zimbabwe cash equities, futures and bonds securities as well as access to global markets and securities. In partnership with IRESS ( the global leader in Financial Markets, Wealth and Private Wealth solutions, BMC Markets is licensed to offer Zimbabwe’s first fully integrated “Broker in a Box” platform offering Investor Portfolio Services (IPS), Market Data (MD), Technical Analysis and Charting (TA&C) as well as real time buy and sell capabilities on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE), as well as in all major markets.


The BMC Broker in a Box solution offer supports FIX based trading in equities, futures and fixed income exchange product in Zimbabwe as well as DMA and CFDs globally including the JSE Africa’s largest exchange. Our solution provides traders with a single portfolio view of positions, exposure, margins (initial and maintenance) requirements as well as risk management capabilities on-top of leading market data to support trading (speculation and arbitrage), risk management (hedging) and compliance (regulatory) requirements and outcomes.


For Exchanges and ATS

BMC Markets has the rights to the leading IRESS market data solution providing Level 10 depth. In partnership with our market data vendors and OEM, BMC Markets custom-provides support and maintain Video Wall display products delivering market update information. We are able to meet and exceed the challenges of colour and brightness uniformity challenge with Digital Gradation Control (DGC) and Dynamic Brightness Balancing (DBB) technology. DGC circuitry ensures edge-to-edge colour uniformity between each screen in the display wall, while DBB  helps to keep brightness over the entire display wall at the same level.


In partnership with the CMCRC, we offer the Market Quality Dashboard, a research and financial markets replay platform providing pre and post market design change analysis using market quality (efficiency, misconduct and resilience metrics to assess improved or otherwise conditions).  BMC Markets as exclusive African rights to this platform and together with the Capital Markets  Cooperative Research published practical research.    


For Financial Markets Regulators 

Additional to the IRESS Financial Markets solution, BMC provides fully managed the NASDAQ OMX SMARTS Markets Surveillance platform.  This platform is the leading market supervision and monitoring system used by most major regulators globally to aid them to deliver on their mandates for "fair and orderly markets". Our Market Surveillance solutions support multi-market and multi-product including DMA, CFD supervision, enabling proactively patterns and trends analysis to support markets supervision and reporting processes. 


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