BMC Consulting  & ICT Services

We provide targeted research solutions and explanatory power predicated on world leading technology developed by our partners at the CMCRC, quickly, cheaply and free of conflicts of interest.


We apply information discovery and surveillance technologies developed for financial markets and apply it to other markets with similar characteristics of complexity, high value, information opaqueness and asymmetry, and transaction volumes.


Our research, technology and visualisation gets data talking in finance.


Here are some examples of where we can help in Financial Markets (Finance):


  1. institutions looking to determine the impact of market design changes on the efficiency and/or integrity of securities markets

  2. entities looking to back test trading algorithms

  3. corporate secretaries and in-house counsel facing questions about what’s driving their stock trading patterns

  4. investment managers facing questions about the impact of HFT and dark pools on their trading strategies and returns

  5. entities looking for valuation reports and assessments

  6. entities looking for expert witnesses in allegations of insider trading, market manipulation and breaches of continuous disclosure

  7. Institutions wishing to compare and contrast the likely impact on proposed regulatory, technology, information, participants and instruments on the quality of their markets.


Our research, technology and visualisation gets data talking in finance.


  • Our analysis of issues, products / markets is forward-looking.

  • Using all of the information available to us, we identify potential problems and actively pursue remedial action when necessary.

  • We stay at the forefront of developments that affect our securities trading, financial markets surveillance, market data analysis and research; a role of trust and importance within the African Markets in which we are trusted and licensed to operate.

  • We will continually learn new skills and enhance our knowledge in order to make the best informed decisions for ours and our client's benefit.



  • We take responsibility for our decisions and the results of our actions.

  • We never defer difficult decisions and actions, once a well-founded basis for these is identified.

  • We welcome independent scrutiny, and respond promptly to aspects of our performance that are identified as needing improvement.


Risk Management & Auditing 

For our Stock Exchange, Regulatory, Investment Managers and Market Participants: 

BMC Markets offers risk management and audit services across

  • Front Office

  • Middle Office

  • Back Office

  • Risk Management (Market, Liquidity, Management & Governance)

  • Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) - across multi-markets, multi-products to enable and support tradinging, regulatory outcomes and compliances. 


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