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At BMC Markets, our clients come first.  This recognition has led us to create a trading and financial markets services business delivering first class service by putting our clients at the core of everything we do.  We take pride in providing a seamless service for each and every one of our clients.  Our approach has enabled us to fully support our clients’ business strategies and objectives, whilst achieving our business [environmental, operational, financial, legal and customer service] objectives, as well as those of our investors and partners.


Our mission 

  • To be a world class trading business with our clients at the centre of everything we strive to do.


Our values 

  • We play a critical role in meeting the needs of our clients, our investors and partners together with the economic well being of the communities we operate within. 

  • As a result, exceptionally high standards are demanded in everything we do; in our work and in our interactions with others, we value and seek to demonstrate:



  • We stand behind the statements and commitments we make.

  • We make decisions and perform our duties without personal bias.

  • We take seriously our obligation to protect the confidentiality of information provided to us.



  • We respect and value the views of others, both internal and external.

  • We regularly seek the assistance and advice of others within in our day-to-day work.

  • We work and co-operate with our colleagues, partners, investors and clients and assist them to reach sound decisions and positive outcomes



  • We take pride in the quality of our work; the products and services we offer.

  • We base our decisions on thorough and careful analysis incorporating factors that include but not limited to market, products, economic events, liquidity and common sense.

  • Once we have reached a position and decisions are made, we act in a manner that respects those decisions and achieves the desired outcomes.

  • We achieve timely and practical results, ensuring the benefits of efficient trading outweigh the costs and constraints we might impose in providing trading services.



  • Our analysis of issues, products / markets is forward-looking.

  • Using all of the information available to us, we identify potential problems and actively pursue remedial action when necessary.

  • We stay at the forefront of developments that affect our securities trading, financial markets surveillance, market data analysis and research; a role of trust and importance within the African Markets in which we are trusted and licensed to operate.

  • We will continually learn new skills and enhance our knowledge in order to make the best informed decisions for ours and our client's benefit.



  • We take responsibility for our decisions and the results of our actions.

  • We never defer difficult decisions and actions, once a well-founded basis for these is identified.

  • We welcome independent scrutiny, and respond promptly to aspects of our performance that are identified as needing improvement.

© 2019 by BMC Markets. 

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